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Empire™ Zoysia

    Zoysia japonica ‘SS500’

    Magnificent dense fine soft leaf turf that gives a premium lawn for a reduced amount of work. Because it is so dence it doesn’t dry back to bare stalks like couch in dry stress, it resists weed growth and is even resistant to lawn grub invasion.
    It is a slow growing turf that means reduced mowing requirement. Mowing height 20-30mm with a rotary mower.
    Empire grows as a deep mat of grass that is a pleasure to walk or play on. Colour is deep green and does respond to fertilizer. This deep mat enables Empire turf to resist wear, weeds and insects.
    Colour is dark green and fine soft leaves are 4-6mm wide and 20-30mm long.
    For more information and test results from variety trials you can go to the web site of the plant breeder- Ozbreed. www.empireturf.com.au 

      Dense leaf sward (grass mat)
      Fine leaves and nearly no visible stalks.
      Resistant to weed invasion.
      Resistant to insect pest attack.
      Resistant to wear.
      Less mowing and less maintenance.


      Slow to recover from excessive wear.

    Empire Zoysia lawn grass