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Oakridge ® Kikuyu

    Pennisetum clandestinum cv K-54

    Oakridge Kikuyu is the premium kikuyu for no seed heads and best cold tolerance which means best colour in cooler areas and best looking presentation.
    The leaves are finer than standard kikuyu varieties with medium green colour. Stems are vigorous growers and worn areas recover quickly. Oakridge® is male sterile type which means no seeds to blow into gardens, much better appearance and no pollen to cause allergies.
    Typically suited to residential in cool areas, sports tracks especially horses and erosion zones.
    Leaves are about 2-3mm width and 30-40mm long.
    Colour is a medium green colour.

    • Seedless
    • Cold tolerant
    • Fine soft leaves
    • Quick recovery from wear.


    • Vigorous grower in warm areas especially coastal zones for residential installations.
    • Requires higher amounts of fertilizer to feed the vigorous growth.