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Wintergreen Couch

Cynadon dactylon

    Great general purpose turf that resists wear recovers quickly from kids and dogs and is economical.
    It is the most popular turf for a lawn in Queensland. The wintergreen couch lawn can be abandoned in drought stress situations and will green up rapidly following good rain.

    Medium green colour with fine soft leaves. Grows vigorously especially in Summer.


    • Economical to buy and install.
    • Strong rolls that are easy to handle.
    • Resistant to wear and commonly used for sports area.
    • Resistant to drought stress.


    • Unsightly white stalks especially immediately after mowing.
    • Invasive into gardens and path areas.
    • Susceptible to discolouration by frosts.
    • Drops leaves in drought stress.
    • Susceptible to couch head smut.