GFL Zoysia

GFL Zoysia is a beautiful low-maintenance turf breed that keeps a beautiful dark green leaf year-round. Once established, this tough, hardwearing turf has a high drought tolerance surviving on natural rainfall and saving on long-term mowing.

GFL Zoysia in Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West and Ipswich

GFL Zoysia is a premium turf breed that can be used across a wide range of situations.

The low maintenance turf is often referred to as easy grass as it can endure long periods of non-attention, but when well-maintained looks lush and maintains colour year-round. This is also why it is suited to a large range of commercial purposes.

GFL Zoysia is Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West, and Ipswich’s favourite low-maintenance turf breed.


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GFL Zoysia performance in South East Queensland

GFL Zoysia is a premium turf breed that performs well across South East Queensland. This lush green grass is easy to maintain and maintains its colour year-round. The breed is a fantastic choice for those projects where less maintenance is needed.

GFL Zoysia is a fantastic choice of premium turf for Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Ipswich, and Brisbane.  

GFL Zoysia Statistics

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GFL Zoysia Fit for Purpose

GFL Zoysia is an all-purpose turf that suits domestic duties, roadworks, and projects that require LOW long-term maintenance. Other purposes for GFL Zoysia include:

  • Premium residential lawns
  • High density domestic housing developments.
  • Windy coastal areas due to tolerance of higher salt levels.
  • Shopping centres and large landscaping projects.
  • Roadworks across Australia for erosion control and low maintenance.

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