Palmetto Buffalo

Palmetto Buffalo - Soft Leaf Buffalo
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Key Features

  • Palmetto® Buffalo is the Number 1 selling Buffalo in the world.
  • Palmetto® Buffalo outperforms ‘Sir Walter’ in trials for maintaining colour, hardiness and
    growth speeds.
  • As Palmetto® Buffalo grows slower than other Buffalo varieties, therefore less mowing, less
  • Palmetto® Buffalo faired the best for drought tolerance against all other Buffalo varieties
    trialled thanks to its deep-rooted system.
  • Palmetto® Buffalo winter colour faired ≈ 40% better than Sir Walter and 140% better than
  • Palmetto® Buffalo has strong-growing runners that grow across the ground, rather than
    upwards creating a dense lawn with solid wear tolerance and recovery rate.
  • Palmetto® Buffalo meets the Erosion Control Australian Standard No# AS5181: 2017