Growing Turf since 1999

Golden Finch Lawns farm is based between Brisbane and Toowoomba and have a range of the best quality varieties at the best value turf for you.

Premium Quality Turf Varieties

Wintergreen Couch

Queensland Blue Couch

Grand Prix Couch

Palmetto Buffalo

Oakridge Kikuyu

Shade Tuff Zoysia

Empire Zoysia

We have the most popular turf varieties available and we can source other varieties if you wish.  We have the variety you need for Toowoomba turf, Sunshine Coast turf, Gold Coast Turf and Brisbane turf requirements.

On Farm Pickup

Orders for turf can be placed today for pickup on farm tomorrow. Generally 50m2 of turf would weigh about 700kg. 
We have an advantage over most turf farms with a sandy loam soil which weighs much less than others.
Our slabs can even be half the weight of others which make them easier to carry and to lay. For Toowoomba Turf look no further than Golden Finch Lawns.  For Brisbane Turf we are right on your door step.


Deliveries are made within 24hrs to Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba and nearby regions. We also deliver large orders to Western Queensland areas.
We can be involved in all aspects of turf supply and installation.

Backed by quality industry partnerships and Leading industry Technology

Golden Finch Lawns is a Turf Queensland Accredited Producer and Landscape Queensland Supplier Member.  You can purchase Lawnpride products from our online store and we are a member of the TurfBreed turf growers network.

We use the most modern technology we can get our hands on to ensure we are an efficient and sustainable business.  We use Firefly Harvesters, Precision Ag Equipment, Bending Pivots and has the only only Corner Arm Pivot with Variable Rate Irrigation in Queensland.

All About Turf

When can I lay the turf?

Turf can be laid all year round. Although it's hard to predict it is best to avoid excessive heat. Always make sure you do have a good source of water from your tank, tap or local delivery truck. Some grass like Queensland Blue couch is not available in most winters after a series of frosts as the shallow root system becomes too weak for cutting.

How do I prepare the site?

Site preparation can be the most important step to long lasting, water use efficient and pleasing to look at lawn. Remove weeds and rocks and level as well as possible making sure your site slopes for water runoff.

What is a prepared site?

A fully prepared site should be hand raked to make smooth enough for mowing. Levels should be sloped to ensure that water runs off or into storm drains. All wheel tracks and foot prints raked smooth.

Do I need fertiliser?

If you would like to fertilise before laying just use a soft type like Dynamic Lifter® to avoid burning the roots of the turf. The turf when it is harvested is actively growing so that fertilizer is not absolutely necessary. It is better to fertilise after the turf is established. And water the fertiliser into the turf to avoid leaf burn.

Here is our awesome team

An innovative farmer who is the 4th generation of his family to farm 'Clinton'.  He started growing turf in 1999 to help out a neighbour and it took off from there.



Wayne is dedicated to producing the best turf available.  He is a very hands on manager who can be trusted to ensure the customer is always happy.


Farm Manager

We're not really sure what he does, most of the machinery operates by itself. He is always there to help load our customers vehicles for on farm pickups though.


Machinery Operator

Loyal to the team, always there for a pat or rub, especially when clients come to pickup. Talents include overseeing work, turf testing and turning up for smoko.


Head of Morale

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Thanks Greg and all the team at Golden Finch Lawns, our Zoysia is on the start in our new home in Logan Reserve. Many thanks for the quality of your product and service and will be using you again in the future.
Thanks heaps

Lisa and Michael Nelson

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