Queensland Blue Couch

Queensland Blue Couch is a soft, lush turf that has been used for decades in some of the best lawns. Once established, the turf can be tolerant of temporary waterlogging.  


Queensland Blue Couch in Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West and Ipswich

Queensland Blue Couch is a premium quality turf that is used in non-shadey areas on premium lawns. 

This low-maintenance turf has the best frost resistance of all our turf breeds and requires less watering compared to others. A prolific seeder, Queensland Blue Couch seeds from late spring to early autumn.

Queensland Blue Couch is a great premium turf breed for Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West, and Ipswich. 

Queensland Blue Couch

Drought Tolerance

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Queensland Blue Couch performance in South East Queensland

Queensland Blue Couch is a premium turf breed that is easy to maintain. During summer, the leaf produced is a vibrant green colour, and although dormant in winter it maintains its colour well. When compared to other breeds, it out competes weeds due to its dense sward when maintained.

Queensland Blue Couch is a brilliant choice of premium turf area for Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Ipswich, and Brisbane.  

Queensland Blue Couch Statistics

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Queensland Blue Couch Fit for Purpose

Queensland Blue Couch is an all purpose turf in non shadey areas such as:

  • Premium turf for domestic traffic.
  • Often used in renovations.
  • Rhysome system but shallow rooted.

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Queensland Blue Turf fresh on the ground