Lawn Care


Watering and Fertilising Lawns

The following video will teach you some great tips for watering and fertilising your lawn.

Mowing your lawn

We've produced a great article with lawn mowing tips that can be found in our news items here.  In the video, which features Golden Buffalo, you will learn some great tips on mowing your lawn to get the best results.

Lawn Insects and Diseases

In this video you will learn how to diagnose and treat the various lawn grubs and diseases that you can expect to encounter in your love of your lawn.


Weeds are going to be a problem in almost any lawn.  Some varieties are more naturally resistant than others.  If you are looking at putting in a lawn that is pest and weed resistant check out the varieties we have available at Golden Finch Lawns. The comparisons will help you identify the perfect turf variety for your new lawn.  Here is a handy video to help you control the weeds in your lawn.