Turf Varieties


One of the toughest decisions when looking to put in a new lawn is what variety should you choose!  Greg and his team at Golden Finch Lawns will make this decision easy so that you and your family can enjoy the very best lawn that suits your location and your lifestyle.  Whether you are buying a new house or upgrading and existing backyard we want to make it as simple as possible for you.

As you can see we have loads of experience in producing quality turf.  Our commercial clients, including many amazing landscaping businesses know that we have selected the best range of varieties most suited to the South East Queensland region.  Our extensive turf range ensures that we have a grass for every situation; Commercial, Home, Sport or Landscape.

We are Somerset's local and trusted turf supplier. 

Your Turf Variety Selection Guide



Wintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch is a great economical lawn that resists wear and recovers quickly. Medium green in colour with soft, fine leaves, it is the most popular lawn for homes in Queensland and grows vigorously.



Gametime Couch is a brand new couch hybrid suitable for the warmer QLD climate, with quick sideways growth recovery, good wear resistance and excellent colour. Ideal for prestige lawns with cylinder mower and sports applications. 


Grand Prix

Grand Prix High Performance Turf

Grand Prix Couch has a fine to medium textured leaf with a dense sward that is thick and spongy to walk on. The exceptional root system gives great resistance to wear and a high growth recovery rate.


Queensland Blue Couch

Queensland Blue Couch

Qld Blue Couch is a lush, soft couch that is native to Australia and has been used for many decades as the traditional turf for the best lawns. With rapid recovery after good rain it is well adapted to the Queensland seasons.


Oakridge Kikuyu

Oakridge Kikuyu Turf

Oakridge Kikuyu is a premium Kikuyu lawn with no seed heads and high cold tolerance which means it has amazing colour presentation in cooler areas.


Golden Buffalo

The soft broad destinctive leaves and emerald green colour make Golden Buffalo a stand out amongst other Buffalo lawns.


Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Buffalo is Australia's most popular Buffalo breed. This hardy breed proves over and over again that it can grow anywhere and through anything.


Golden Zoysia

Golden Zoysia has a magnificently dense soft leaf that doesn’t dry back to bare stalks like Couch lawns do in dry stress. It can resist wear, weeds and pest invasion.


Shade Tuff Zoysia

ShadeTuff Zoysia

Shade Tuff Zoysia is a relatively new turf available on the market in South-East Queensland. With a very fine leaf, dark green colour and dense soft sward it is exceptionally beautiful.