Wintergreen Couch

Nixon out and about on the Wintergreen Couch Grass
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Key Features

  • Wintergreen Couch is a great general purpose, economical lawn that resists wear and recovers quickly.
  • This variety of grass is medium green in colour with soft, fine leaves. 
  • The most popular lawn for homes in Queensland, Wintergreen Couch grows vigorously, especially in Summer.
  • Our Wintergreen Couch is the most economical to purchase, install and maintain.
  • When you are looking for drought stress resistance: Wintergreen Couch.
  • Commonly used for sports areas, Wintergreen Couch is resistant to wear.
  • Ideal for coastal areas because Wintergreen Couch has a high salt tolerance.
  • Disease and pest resistance qualities are a plus for Wintergreen Couch.
  • Looking for low care situations such as rental properties? Wintergreen Couch is perfect for this scenario.