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Oakridge Kikuyu

Oakridge Male-sterile kikuyu
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Key Features

  • Oakridge Kikuyu is a male sterile type which means no seeds to blow onto neighbouring gardens, much better apearance and no allergy causing pollen.
  • Oakridge Kikuyu has high cold tolerance which means it has amazing colour presentation in cooler areas. 
  • Oakridge Kikuyu has finer leaves than standard Kikuyu varieties, vigorous growing stems and medium green colour.
  • Oakridge Kikuyu recovers quickly when worn.
  • Oakridge Kikuyu has no unsightly webs of white stamens across the turf. 
  • Oakridge Kikuyu won't get lawn damage from seed-harvesting parrots.
  • Oakridge Kikuyu is has soft leaves and no spikey stalks.