Golden Zoysia

Golden Zoysia is a beautiful premium low-maintenance turf breed that keeps a beautiful dark green leaf all year-round. Once established, this tough, hardwearing turf has a high drought tolerance surviving on natural rainfall. Due to its restricted upright growth habit it does not require regular mowing - a standout favourite for those who don't like mowing. 


Golden Zoysia's performance in Toowoomba, Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West and Ipswich

Golden Zoysia is a premium turf variety that can be used across a wide range of projects especially those where a neat appearance is needed with minimum maintenance. 

Often referred to as easy grass, this low-maintenance turf can endure long periods with no attention while maintaining its premium neat appearance. When well-maintained,  it is lush, thick and keeps its colour all year round. For this reason it is a great choice for commercial projects. 

Golden Zoysia is one of Toowoomba, the Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West, and Ipswich’s favourite premium low-maintenance turf variety.

Drought Resistance

Maintenance Needs

Shade Tolerance

Cold Tolerance

Fit for purpose

Golden Zoysia is an all-purpose turf that suits domestic duties, roadworks, and projects that require LOW long-term maintenance. Other purposes for Golden Zoysia include:

  • Premium Residential Lawns.
  • High Density Domestic Housing Developments.
  • Windy Coastal Areas Due to Tolerance of Higher Salt Levels.
  • Shopping Centres and large landscaping projects.
  • Roadworks across Australia for erosion control and low maintenance.

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Growth: Stolons and rhizomes
Vigour: Strong to very strong

Leaf Blade:

Shape: Ligulate
Length: Very long (120-140mm)
Width: Medium (2-2.3mm)
Colour: Green


Stolon Length: Long to very long
Stolon diameter of node: 
Medium to broad
Internode length: 
Long (35mm)
Internode thickness: 
Internode colour: 


Golden Zoysia's Performance


Golden Zoysia establishes well in Spring to Autumn. It is slow growing in winter.

Drought Tolerance:

This hardy turf variety has a high drought tolerance. Once established it can survive on natural rainfall. 


Golden Zoysia has a vibrant green colour in summer and although dormant in winter it holds its colour. 


Golden Zoysia requires less maintenance than comptetitors. In domestic settings, you should trim every 10 - 14 days and commercial projects require 2 - 4 mows per year.

Disease and Insect Resistance:

Golden Zoysia has a high resistance for both disease and insects. It has a silica coating on its leaves repelling leaf attacking insects. 

Cold Tolerance:

Golden Zoysia tolerates down to -2 degrees. After frost, it regenerates well after the first mow.

Weed Resistance:

Due to its dense sward, it can out compete weeds. Just keep an eye for any that may poke through. 

Shade Tolerance:

Medium shade tolerance about 40 - 50%. Higher than Couch or Kikuyu. 

Wear Tolerance:

Due to the Silica content, this turf variety has a high wear tolerance. 

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