Gametime Couch 

Gametime Couch is a brand new couch hybrid suitable for the warmer QLD climate, with quick recovery, good wear resistance and excellent colour. Ideal for prestige lawn with cylinder mower and sports applications. 


Gametime Couch in Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West and Ipswich

Gametime couch is a prestige green couch hybrid. With fine soft leaves, good colour and more dence than Wintergreen Couch. It grows vigourously in Summer and requires regular mowing. 

Gametime Couch is one of Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West, and Ipswich’s favourite prestige turf vareity.


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Gametime Couch performance in South East Queensland

Gametime is an improved general purpose couch that has improved wear resistence, growth performance and appearance. Gametime Couch performs better in warmer areas, such as South East Queensland, than other new hybrids better suited to Southern Australian areas. 


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