Grand Prix Couch 

Grand Prix Couch is a great all-round premium turf couch. At home in your home, parks, and sporting fields, Grand Prix Couch has a unique growing pattern that requires less mowing but also repairs well when damaged. Large root system for good wear recovery and drought resistance. If you're looking for a allergy friendly turf breed, than the Grand Prix Couch is for you. 


Grand Prix Couch in Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West and Ipswich

Grand Prix Couch is a premium turf breed that looks great year-round. It has a high drought and heat tolerance and is ideal for tough conditions. Ideal for stripping with cylinder mower. Once established this turf breed can survive on natural rainfall and requires little maintenance. 

Grand Prix Couch is Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Brisbane West, and Ipswich’s favourite premium all-round turf breed.

Grand Prix Couch - At home at your home

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Grand Prix Couch performance in South East Queensland

Grand Prix Couch is a hard working turf variety that survives well in the harsh South QLD East conditions. The heat is no problem for this breed and thrives off the natural rainfall. During the cooler months, the colour holds well, and in Spring it is a favourite amoungst allergy sufferers due to virtually no seed heads where well maintenance.  The easy-to-maintain grass is beloved by lawn enthusiasts as it requires less mowing and withstands wear exceptionally well.

Grand Prix Couch is a fantastic choice of premium turf for Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Ipswich, and Brisbane.  

Grand Prix Couch Statistics

  • Fit for purpose

  • morphology

  • performance


Grand Prix Couch Fit for Purpose

Grand Prix Couch is an all purpose turf for domestic, and perfect for high traffic areas due to it exceptional wear tolerance.  Some examples:

  • Eagle Farm Racecourse
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
  • Capitol Hill (Parliament House) in Canberra
  • Cylinder mower stripping
  • High wear resistance 
  • Quick wear recovery
  • Fine leaf
  • Semi shade resistance
  • Seed heads only when stressed

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