Grand Prix Couch

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Key Features

  • Grand Prix Couch is a premium couch lawn for homes, parks and sporting fields.
  • This couch has a unique growing pattern that requires less mowing and will also repair well when damaged. 
  • We've found that Grand Prix Couch has a good winter colour.
  • Producing a low number of seed heads, Grand Prix Couch is friendlier for grass allergy sufferers.
  • Exceptional drought and heat tolerance, Grand Prix Couch is ideal for tough conditions.
  • Once established and with correct management, Grand Prix Couch will survive on rainfall alone.
  • It produces runners that spread vigorously across the ground making it's wear tolerance up to twice the amount of standard Couch lawns.
  • Popular amongst Lawn Fanatics, Grand Prix Couch is a hit for its striping characteristics and dark colour finish.