Choosing the
Perfect Variety for Your Lawn

Step into the lush world of turf varieties where the grass truly is
greener on both sides. Choosing the right turf can transform your
lawn into a paradise. But with so many options navigating the turf jungle can be daunting. Trust Golden Finch Lawns, your trusted turf grower and supplier.

Cold Tolerant Turf


Welcome to our realm of cold-tolerant turf varieties where resilience meets beauty. Even on frosty mornings, these hearty grasses stand strong, resisting the harsh effects of winter. Discover our champions of cold resistance and keep your outdoor oasis thriving. 

Drought Tolerant Turf


In the relentless heat of summer, when water is scarce and lawns thirst for relief. There shines a beacon of hope: drought-tolerant turf varieties. These resilient grasses are natures answer to water conservation, surviving even in the driest of times.

Shade Resistant Turf

Beneath the cool canopy of trees, lies a challenge for many lawns: shade. But fear not,
for there is a solution, shade-resistant turf varieties. These resilient grasses thrive in the
gentle embrace of shadows, offering lush lawns even where sunlight struggles to reach.


Premium Turf


Premium quality turf embodies lush perfection, boasting vibrant green hues and velvety textures that elevate any landscape. With exceptional resilience and durability, it withstands seasonal changes while enhancing outdoor spaces with timeless elegance. It's the ultimate choice for those seeking to create a luxurious and inviting environment for their home or business.

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