Sports Oval Restorations

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Golden Finch Lawns has the experience in successful completion of oval restorations. Anything from goal mouths and sidelines to re-turfing of the whole oval. 

We are able to work with other contractors who are able to complete re-profiling, irrigation and/or drainage type of installations. 

We grow the best varieties of turf available for most sports surfaces. Grand Prix Premium Couch and Oakridge Kikuyu for high traffic zones, Wintergreen Couch and QLD Blue Couch for low traffic or matching existing areas. 

Turf for Soccer, League, Rugby, Football, Horse Sports, Grass Netball, Baseball, Golf, Cricket Grounds and Wickets, Croquet, Swimming Pool surrounds, Parks & Recreation.


Grand Prix Premium Couch

  • Grand Prix Premium Couch is proven best wear resistance and recovery of all varieties on the market. 
  • It is specially bred for a big root system, proven on racetracks and ovals throughout Australia. 
  • Strong roots, dense leaf growth and soft spongy leaves not only grow quickly but look stunning. 
Grand Prix High Performance Turf

Oakridge Kikuyu

  • Oakridge Kikuyu is has the best winter growth, colour & cold tolerance to anything else we have seen gives the Oakridge a standout appearance amongst other Kikuyu varieties.
  • It is a seedless male sterile type, meaning there are no wispy seeds to mow daily which allows premium presentation all year round.
  • Thick (& strong) rhizomes resist wear and assist in strong recovery. It grows twice the speed of some Couch varieties.
Oakridge Kikuyu Turf

Wintergreen Couch

  • Wintergreen Couch is an excellent economical choice for low-medium traffic zones.
  • It as been used on sports areas for years.
Wintergreen Couch Grass logo

QLD Blue Couch

  • Queensland Blue Couch is the old favourite for sports applications where presentation is important, but traffic is lower or less intense (Golf Courses or Cricket Grounds off the pitch).
  • Old favourite for low wear conditions.
  • Lower growth rates mean less mowing & maintenance costs.
Queensland Blue Couch

For photos of all our varieties, please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages or request some via text or email. 

Need more information about which variety will suit your needs? Call us today on 0419 029 629 we are more than happy to discuss your options or click here for a quote.