Oakridge Kikuyu offers benefits beyond belief!

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Not all Kikuyu are created equally

Great Colour

Finding the best quality turf can be a hectic task for anyone. Stop worrying about it; we have got you covered. If you live somewhere that gets a little cooler, and you want your lawn or playing field to be tolerant to those cooler conditions, whilst offering great wear and tear recovery, don’t look beyond our premium quality turf; Oakridge Kikuyu. It reflects a beautiful bright green colour even in cooler areas, making your lawn or playing field much more aesthetic. It provides dense cushioning with a uniform appearance prioritising it on your wish list, among other Kikuyu varieties.


Sterile turf

As Oakridge Kikuyu is a male sterile type, it presents no seeds to be blown onto the neighbouring gardens; it has no allergic pollens making your lawn allergy-free. With Oakridge Kikuyu there are no unsightly webs of white stamens across the turf like standard kikuyu varieties. You also won’t experience lawn damage from seed-harvesting parrots with Oakridge Kikuyu, that’s right, it’s sterile.

Male Sterile Oakridge Kikuyu

Tolerance to cooler, wear and drought conditions

Oakridge Kikuyu requires a medium amount of water, so it may not be a big issue in the face of a drought. With its finer leaves, classic colour, better wear tolerance and recovery in a cooler environment, makes it is a popular choice for our Toowoomba, Maleny and Darling Downs turf customers. Other Kikuyu varieties suffer from Kikuyu Yellows but Oakridge Kikuyu is less susceptible to this disease.

Why buy from Golden Finch Lawns

Golden Finch Lawns have been developing a wide network of connections within the turf industry for more than 20 years, and we know how to do it the right way. Our lawn experts grow the turf on our turf farm, and they take great care of your turf until it is installed at your place. Not only this, we are providing some of the most competitive rates to our customers, making it an easy decision for them to chose us.

We will suggest the right variety of turf to match your location and situation. If you would like full preparation and installation we can visit and we will calculate the right amount of turf needed to be installed on your lawn and provide you with an exact figure of how much your turf installation will cost.

If you would like to pickup from our farm at Atkinson Dam, our professional and friendly team will be waiting for you to come and pick up and load your new quality turf. Typically turf needs to be ordered at least the day ahead so that we can cut it fresh in the morning.


We deliver to most locations in South East Queensland and along the Warrego, and can usually arrange delivery time to suit you. All deliveries are scheduled within 24 hours of the turf being cut. When fully loaded, our truck can carry up to 600m2 of turf; along with this, we use some of the most advanced skid steer and fork lifts to unload your new premium quality turf. This not only reduces the time and labour costs but also ensures the safe unloading of your turf. If you want only a couple of pallets for your garden or lawn, we can deliver it on a smaller truck and unload the turf by hand. We can also supply your new turf on semi-trailer if needed, especially for clients west of Toowoomba.

Experience you can depend upon

So, what are you waiting for? Discover for yourself why so many schools and sporting facilities are choosing to install our cost-effective Oakridge Kikuyu. Our lawn legends will be happy to provide you with their years of knowledge and advice. Visit us at Golden Finch Lawns, “Clinton”, Banffs Lane, Coominya where our doors are open for you. Inspection of the different turf types is welcome and a time can be arranged to show you around our farm. You can also contact us on 0419 029 969 or request a quote on our website.

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